Kurt VanArsdel
Artist   •   Composer   •   Performer   •    Playwright

I have never really considered myself a good musician, but I so love music. I can see how the music of David's harp calmed Saul. I have been blessed to listen, fellowship and learn from some great  musicians.

As a child I was blessed to often sit on the floor and listen to my grandfather practice the harp. He was a touring concert harpist.  I have been told his only competition was the "VonTrapp Family."  I recall I would sit there for hours, days on end.

I began playing the guitar being inspired by Peter, Paul and Mary and The Brothers Four.  Soon inspiration came through the Beatles, The Byrds, The Moody Blues and on and on!

I began writing songs in my teens and played in a band.  Later in life I played clubs, did concerts, went to L.A. worked in some studios, taught guitar, continued writing, studied and practiced. I did some recording and in 1979 began writing what has become a life mission to compose, produce and tour a musical production presenting Jesus.

Music when mixed with passion has incredible power. When that passion is love, motivated by the heart, lives can change. Music can be the merry heart that brings healing or the release for the stress of life. Every emotion and consideration in all of creation can be captured in the notes and passion of a song.