Kurt VanArsdel
Artist   •   Composer   •   Performer   •    Playwright

Because I Love You; Golden Loneliness

Golden Loneliness was recorded at "Mel's Sound Of Music" in Hacienda Heights California in 1980-81 which was owned by Mel Arakelian. Tom Manasian was co-owner of the studio located at Mel's and was honest, competent and a great listener. Mel and Tom are two of the greatest people I have ever met. Mel, and his wife Susie, made me part of their family and helped teach me to love again after a devastating divorce: hence the title "Because I Love You; Golden Loneliness." The album was financed by Mr. Robert Budnick who captured my respect and admiration in the project, to whom I will ever laud with praises and the deepest heart-felt gratitude. The back-ground singers were sisters, Wendy and Michelle Ridgeway, two of the sweetest and most giving individuals with hearts of grace and spirits of love I have ever met. They both spoke into my life words from heaven that shaped and patterned hopes and faith I still hold to today.

Mel's was located across the parking lot from "Taco Pub", owned by "Rosie" who had pictures of herself in skin tight black leathers from her musical career days. She had aged only a little, like fine wine, but she was still beautiful! She loved us (the musicians from Mel's) and fed us huge meals daily for $1.97!

The song "Because I Love You" originally had a harmony part which I sang in the second verse. The late Judy Cave was in the studio to mix her album and graciously took the time to listen while I was recording the harmony vocals. She said "It was wonderful, I was having an intimate time with the singer, then this other guy interrupted us!" Judy was blind, she knew voices well, but I have often regretted removing that track.

"Old Joe" was my dad. I can still see him at the kitchen table challenging me to forgive, to be a better man. I started writing "Listen To The Rain" when I was 13 or 14 years old sitting back on my bed as it rained (go figure, huh?) It was close to the album version, but a divorce changed the lyrics and intensified my passion and purpose in it. The cover picture, taken by my dad, was supposed to be a rich dark blue and white, but the guy at the printers wanted to do something else... He said it would be good, so we let him. Well, ....live and learn.

It was a treasure to do this album. I learned much and my heart made incredible friends. To all of you who helped, again, Thank YOU!  Robert, Trish, Dean, Gordy, Kirk, Chuck, Pat, Kennan, Rhys, Mel, Tom, Tony and Pete.  You each touched my life, my heart indelibly. ...and again thanks.