Kurt VanArsdel
Artist   •   Composer   •   Performer   •    Playwright

My artistic talent has been noted since my birth when my footprint in indian ink was immortalized in a now antiquated historic record (my baby book) . . . and thus it began. I was so artistic I often did beautiful murals (drew on the walls) as a child and in the first grade I scribbled profusely on Nadine's desktop because I was in love. In order to get me to stop playing "Louie Louie" on my guitar my mother marched me down town and showed me some paintings at the "Five and Dime". She purchased paints and brushes, locked me in a small, smelly travel trailer and said "Paint me the Ghostship we saw".  My sister who collects art still has the painting.  

Commercial Art, Graphics . . .

I've been working as a freelance commercial artist since 1972 while doing music, video and 3D animation. In more recent years I've operated The Inspiration Company which specialized in the union of art, graphic design, video, music and 3D as well as 3D animation.